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The Horoscope, Invalid Upon Liberation

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Then the horoscope as now understood proves futile, untrue and useless and the term sometimes used, but wrongly, "the horoscope of the ego or the soul" means nothing. TWM 296.

The Horoscope, Invalid upon Liberation:


[French, from Old French, from Latin hroscopus, from Greek hroskopos : hr, hour, season; see yr- in Indo-European Roots + skopos, observer; see spek- in Indo-European Roots.]


The soul itself is in captivity to substance; it has come down into the prison house of matter and linked itself to form. EA 116.


The Principle of Liberation becomes active and a transition is effected out of a prison house which cramps and distorts into one which provides adequate conditions for the next development of consciousness. TWM 534.


Rebirth or incarnation under the law of periodicity into matter necessitates decent into the three worlds via a mental, astral and physical/etheric body. Esoteric astrology in one sense is the science of the soul. It traces the purpose of the soul via its earthly vehicle the threefold personality. It may be understood and decrypted to some extent by the intuitive astrologer using the horoscope, which in essence allows a vision into the path or destiny of the soul infused personality. This will always be limited by the intuitive unfoldment of the astrologer. The use of superimposition is the only true and accurate method available for correct understanding and insight into the path of the personality and the purpose of the soul as the two charts are superimposed one upon the other.  JPC.


Of late, during a period of time when transiting Pluto is opposing the natal Sun of AAB (as, yes, her chart continues to work), there has been much controversy on the matter of psychic channeling and the glamors of guidance. MDR. USR.


That the Sun sign, as it is called, indicates the nature of the man, physical, mental and spiritual. It holds the secret of the personality ray and of the man's responsiveness or lack of responsiveness to the Soul, the real man.


It indicates also the integration already achieved and the present point of unfoldment of the soul qualities, of the present available equipment, of the present life quality and of the immediately possible group relations.


It indicates, from the angle of the Ageless Wisdom, nothing more. EA 17.


So according to some astrologers, we are in the Piscean age with Alice's horoscope still currently and in real time active, as skilfully progressed by themselves some half century after the birth horoscope ended. This even though DK clearly states that from the angle of the ageless wisdom, that the natal sun indicates nothing more than is stated. Bare in mind also, that DK informs us that to even esoterically progress a chart over a lifetime is embryonic in nature.  All this however, producing or highlighting glamour’s, in the so-called esoteric community.


How is it thought possible, that the natal birth chart, active on incarnation, can still be thought functioning after withdrawal, exit and restitution from physical incarnation? Esoteric astrology only deals with the current life trends and destiny of the soul infused personality in the mental, astral and physical world of human endeavour. If the soul is not incarnate into the human kingdom an astrological horoscope is not accurate, valid, or possible of correct interpretation, as in the cases of long since deceased persons. This DK makes perfectly plain. With this in mind, we should avoid any attempt to suggest that deceased individuals or initiates who have passed over from the strictly human plane into the spiritual kingdom of souls, will still have the horoscope thus cast for their previous earth life, active and operating in current real time when they are out of time and space. For I think it makes a mockery of the law of cycles, interludes and pralayas.



In the debate as to the length of time a man is out of incarnation and in the consideration of foolish items of unproved and unprovable information, and in the puerile reconstruction of the past lives of theosophical inclined people (none of them based on any truth), the real truth and the real beauty of the theme have been lost to sight. EA 317.


The factor of periodicity. Egos that are in incarnation, and egos that are out of incarnation are differentiated and capable of different work. Egos whose reflections are in incarnation are more limited than those who are not.


It is almost as if the Higher Self were directed downwards, or willingly circumscribing itself to three-dimensioned existence, whereas the egos out of incarnation are not so limited but work in another direction or dimension. The difference lies in the focusing of attention, during physical plane life. The matter is hard for you to grasp, is it not so? LOM 38.


The horoscope, remember, is thus cast by an astrologer for the specific purpose of one incarnation into matter, the prison house of the soul, and in no way remains effective after the soul has left the personality and abstracted onto it's own plane. The consciousness remains ever the same yet freed from the restrictions of incarnation into matter. That the soul will reincarnate into the same sun sign to take up where it left off and may use the same rising sign for up to seven incarnation is true. Yet this should not be confused with the horoscope of earthly incarnation and human endeavour being carried over after death and the same restrictions applied to the liberated soul. An astrological chart therefore cannot and should not be thought to be still active and valid when the threefold personality of the initiate has been dissolved and the soul abstracted from its restrictive use. How could it be so?


In essence, the science of the soul is the science of ray psychology. The soul is condition by one of the seven rays as is its incarnation via a mental, astral and physical/etheric body conditioned by a formulation of three sub rays. This constitutes its psychological makeup in the human kingdom and qualifies man or woman for their psychological experience and expression. True esoteric astrology cannot in any way be separated from ray psychology, the planets or zodiacal influences which condition man, are all qualified by the expressions of the seven rays of consciousness.


If therefore the three sub rays and the personality ray thus expressed by the soul in the human being, along with the ray of the soul itself, were excluded of horoscopic analysis there could be no understanding of the psychological equipment of the man or woman under consideration, indeed, how could there be? This in itself renders the theory of an active horoscope after restitution, applicable to the human being, ineffective due to there being no ray makeup currently in expression. It is useless to say that Pluto is in opposition to the natal sun as progressed some fifty years after death when there is no threefold personality capable of ray expression when all the ray constitution has been withdrawn and abstracted into the causal body. This is the great mistake of some astrologers. JPC.


Remember, however, that all of the seven rays are forever functioning, and functioning simultaneously, but that cyclically and under the directed plan of the Minds (who are embodied by the rays), certain of these influences and forces are more dominant at one time than at another, and certain lines of activity and certain results of this activity are demonstrated under one ray influence more than under another. These influences pour through all forms in all kingdoms, producing specific effects, definite and different forms of life, peculiar types of realization, and particular expressions of consciousness in form which are, for that period, the product of the united and concerted plan of the building forces, working in complete harmony, but temporarily under one or another of their number.


They enter into constructive activity; they pass through that particular cycle; they then pass out, or die to that activity, and are then "raised into heaven," until such time as their cycle again comes round. This process they constantly enact and re-enact, repeating the drama of birth, death and resurrection. 


In this ray activity will be found the true significance of the Law of Rebirth, and it lies behind the process of incarnation and of reincarnation. Upon this I may not here dwell, beyond pointing out that men's ideas and teaching anent reincarnation are as yet childish and inaccurate. EP1 266.


Below DK I think gives us albeit on a grand scale, the perfect description of just how the horoscope deals with the psychological purpose of ray makeup as it effects and conditions planetary manifestation. The horoscope clearly deals with planetary manifestation as and when incarnation of the entity demands, producing effects of a planetary nature and therefore indicating most strongly I feel, that the horoscope is in no way active or applicable after abstraction from planetary manifestation, of either the logoic or human entity/atom. JPC.


All I can do or am permitted to do is to give you seven stanzas from one of the most ancient volumes in the world; it deals with the seven ray causes of imperfections in our planetary manifestations. To these should be added (if it were only possible) the stanzas which convey the significance of the defects emerging from astrological conditions and producing effects of a planetary nature and involving, therefore, the horoscope of our particular planetary Logos. EH 293.


Astrologers should study the planetary schemes in the light of the Heavenly Man, viewing them as an incarnation of a planetary Logos, and thus strive to cast the horoscope of the planetary Logos. They cannot succeed in doing so, but in the attempt may learn much and achieve new light upon a most difficult subject. TCF 1192.


I feel that once again the Master DK clearly and assertively shows that once the soul is liberated from the incarnating vehicles the horoscope is untrue, invalid, useless and means nothing. Could this be any clearer, I think not. JPC.


Desire becomes aspiration. Thus liberation from the wheel of birth is brought about and a man is freed from the necessity to reincarnate.


Then the horoscope as now understood proves futile, untrue and useless and the term sometimes used, but wrongly, "the horoscope of the ego or the soul" means nothing.


The soul has no individual destiny, but is submerged into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the Whole; its desire is the working out of the great Plan, and its will is the glorification of the incarnated Logos. TWM 296.


Man is one thing when he enters into incarnation; he is another when he passes out of incarnation. LOS 400.


But, in its relation to esoteric astrology, it is possible to indicate certain fundamental interpretations of this relation which will enable the astrologer to work out eventually the astrology of the soul, to outline the horoscope of the ego and to draw up the new types of charts which will demonstrate soul purpose on its own plane and group relations also on the physical plane and so be of aid to the intelligent, dedicated personality. Ponder on this. EA 469.


Esoteric astrology indicates his group usefulness and the scope of his potential consciousness. EA 99.


Bare in mind, that DK informs us that even esoterically progressing a chart over a lifetime is embryonic in nature. I was not aware until recently that some accepted this approach in these circles. I was under the impression that the only thing that effected physical plane matter and forms was Karma as it worked out through say in this instance the individual. Now I can fully understand, that when an individual re-incarnates they will again be subject to previous karmic action and conditions incurred or not as the case might be, so say within their physical sheath, this will be determined by karmic residue and taken up where they left off. As will any work they did here. Even if this be planetary karma of the 3rd degree initiate. This goes without question.


But I don't see how even positive effects that may be seen to be "progressed" can be operating if the individual is no longer incarnate. Perhaps, I see that events and formulations of circumstances unroll after death within organisations, yet I would have thought those still remaining would be working out or incurring their own karma or group or planetary karma. I do not see, as is apparent, how a deceased individuals natal chart, of any degree, can still be operative in real time, when they are out of time and space. I thought that the whole reason of esoteric astrology determined the karmic necessity and current point of evolution, ability, equipment and purpose of incarnation at any given lifetime on earth for us specifically. If we re-incarnate we take up where we left off.  If exoteric astrology has not been given the correct hierarchical information to even deduct the correct "fixed time" of birth how can it even begin to determine progressed influences after death which seem to go contrary to all current info that the horoscope is cast at the correct moment of incarnation? Indeed, esoteric astrology concerns us humans with the unfolding of soul consciousness within the brain awareness. JPC.


When all this has been ascertained and worked out in the new style of horoscope which will be later developed, then the Science of Destiny will be applied and the future indications discovered. Of this, the personal progressed horoscope is the embryonic seed. EA 87.


At present, astrology deals with effects and not with that which is causing them. There is much confusion over this matter and the horoscopes of the three levels are often much distorted. A horoscope which could be interpreted purely upon the mental plane is given a physical interpretation, and thus happenings which are entirely mental are portrayed as physical occurrences. A clue to this triple interpretation which astrology must eventually recognize can be found in the relation of the orthodox, the esoteric and the hierarchical planets and the rays of which they are the expression. EA 216.


When superimposed upon each other, the outer life of the initiate in the three worlds and the inner life of subjective realization will appear. This mode of superimposition will be a feature of the new astrology. EA 514.


JPC. May 2006.






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